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Dental Tourism

What is dental tourism?

Dental tourism is a fast growing worldwide medical domain along with increasingly educated and specialized generations of dentists and dental technicians. Dental tourism or dental vacations or dental holidays is a subset of the sector known as medical tourism. It involves individuals seeking dental care abroad and outside of their local healthcare systems and may be accompanied by a vacation.


What are the advantages of Dental Tourism?

In some cases a patient can pay up to 70% less if deciding to go through the respective procedure in other countries. People get benefited with well-trained and specialized dental workforce that is able to provide the dental services with a high degree of specialization and experience but for a fraction of the cost in their countries. This will benefit individuals who lack insurance and prefer more cost savings getting high quality dental treatments in another country.


Why choose Dubai for your dental treatment?  

Dubai has today emerged as a cosmopolitan city whose economy is mostly based on luxurious tourism, financial services together with creative and fast developing architecture and real estate. Over 80% of its inhabitants are expatriates, who had arrived to the city mostly from Asian countries and from United Kingdom, totaling together into 200 different nationalities, which makes Dubai a true global city. Dubai is a true touristic destination, has Professional dentists, ease of access, affordable luxurious treatment, Dubai’s multi-culturality, information transparency.


Why choose us for your dental treatment?

Our team of qualified doctors is specialized in all areas of dentistry and can provide complete solutions recognized worldwide. We understand the importance of progress and continuous learning in this domain, therefore our specialists are constantly attending training courses in order to always be up to date with the latest technologies. We also consistently invest in the latest and most performant equipment in order to make sure our patients always receive the best solution for their dental problems.


You can plan your vacation with us …

We know that visiting a foreign country for the first time might feel uncomfortable for some of our patients, and therefore we are prepared to provide them with a completely organized trip, for with everything will be taken care of, from accommodation, travel arrangements to a list with places they might like to visit during their staying and treatment in Dubai. You can enjoy mountain trips, seaside relaxation, desert rides, traditional belly dance, shopping malls, skydiving and visit medieval fortresses and other historical sites.



What others say about us

A very good experience at the Health Family Clinic, when I wanted to get a very quick regular scaling done for my teeth. The doctor's quite knowledgeable and shares insights and is very helpful.
- Philip Samuel
Great experience, very modern clinic, very clean, very nice and very friendly staff. The doctor was very gentle and the procedure was not painful and pleasant. Firstly, I was afraid to do Dental treatment in Dubai, but when I came to Health Family Clinic
- Rasheeda Nazar Ali
I had an ''EXCELLENT'' time even though it was at a HFC. I had opted for Zoom Whitening done , pain-free with a difference in my shade. Thank you very much for your kind and efficient Dental treatment.
- Hema Sharma
I have been looking for a Dentist since my previous dentist has moved away. My search ended when I found the Health Family Clinic. Initially because of the name 'Health Family Clinic', I thought it's just a family clinic. But, It's a real advanced dental
- Angela Mariel
Thank you for such a wonderful experience at Health Family Clinic. My pain had subsided in a single visit and the Root canal was completed as promised.
- Mustafa Nazir
I sincerely thank the Team at HFC for fixing my Denture. It feels very comfortable now.
- Adrian Gabriel
I would highly recommend everyone to visit the Orthodontist at Health Family Clinic. I've undergone corrective treatment with braces to fix my teeth with exceptional results .Keep up the good work.
- Nancy De Ramos
Let me be frank. At one time the very thought of visiting the dentist made me quake. That feeling disappeared the moment I visited Health Family Clinic. I saw and experienced the Latest technology, stress free treatment, great environment, and a pains
- Shweta Chowdhry
Best clinic with best doctor and nurse.. Dr.Archana & Nurse Hesily.
BEST EXPERIENCE! First time Root Canal and its Painless. I want to experience it again! HAHAHA:) Staff and Doctors are very approachable and friendly. Will definitely recommend the clinic to my friends:) Thanks HFC! Thanks DR.MONA & DR.PRAVEEN and all the
It was a great experience under the care of Dr.Mona and the rest of the team who makes my procedure and the treatment successful. At the beginning till the middle of the treatment it makes me disappointed due to the long treatment but then its worth for a
Dr.Praveen is very accommodating, friendly and try to let me feel comfortable. He told me to be at ease and everything is ok and it doesn't feel painful. Thanks Doc! You're the Best! Keep it up :) Best Experienced and at last overcome my fear. Definitely
My 3 year old daughter got her best smile because of DR.LAVANYA. She was afraid but overcome fear with Dr's help..
Dr.Praveen is very professional and I am always happy with the service! Keep up the good job & God Bless
Dr.Huda is very friendly & she let me feel very comfortable. I am happy with Health Family Clinic treatment. Thank you very much.
I jus want to say that Health Family Clinic staff are very accommodating. I am very much happy that I chose this clinic to do my treatment and all. I will recommend this clinic to all of my friends and colleagues. Thanks to all for the good experience.
- Ronald
Dr.Raziya Hammed - Thank you for your warm welcome! The way you treat is truly recommended. I feel comfortable and relax.
- Rolando
Dr.Mona & HFC family- Thank you for a very accommodating staff. I had a wonderful experience and extremely satisfied for your service.. God Bless Po!
Dr.Sachin- "UR THE BEST DENTIST" I encountered in my life, since I am so scared to dentist at all. But you make my life easy. Thank you so much.. Take care always.
- Rachel
Kudos to all the Dentist. For more than 2 years coming/ visits & services are getting Better and Better.
- Janice
Thank you Health Family Clinic! Your deliver your patients requirements & excellent service. Special mention to Dr.Mona, Dr.Sachin, Marj, Zay & Jenny! Thank you for taking care my dental needs!
We were referred by our friend(Mr.Roshan) though the treatment was painful & I was really scared, Dr.Archana was really friendly & her smily face was very comforting. The staffs at the reception are really friendly & helpful. Thank you
- PremSunitha Thomas
So glad to be here!!! Best staff & doctors. Thank you for a perfect service! Much Appreciated! :0
- Karen & Raymond
I'm very grateful to my Dr.Sachin and very thankful to very friendly staff. Very Perfect service :)
- Jennifer
Thank you for a great experience visiting health family clinic. The staff are friendly and helpful including the dentist. Keep up the good job. Looking forward to visit you again !!
- Ronaldo Gisalan
It was great experience with Health Family Clinic. A new experience and a new world. All the staffs and doctors were caring and were very comfortable to communicate everything. It was a special experience with Dr. Sachin who had different and wonderful te
- Nikhitha Ann Philip
All the staff & my dentist is very accommodating. It was an excellent service... Thank you. Keep it up.
Thank you Health Family Clinic for your dedicated service! It was amazing experience with you. A big thank you to Dr.Archana and amazing reception team as they were super flexible about my appointments.
- Murat
This clinic is amazing. All staffs are joyful & accommodating. I haven't experience difficulties in my schedules so fair. Dr.Sachin is also patient with my schedule changes. Thanks Guys! & Keep it up!
شكرا جزيلا لاداره الستشفى على خدمتكم وحسن معاملتكم الطيبه للمرضى وخصوصا فى هذا الشهر الفضيل ونتمنى لكم جزيل التقدم..
- Asiya Kazim
شكرا جزيلا د. لافينا على خدمتك وحسن معاملتك الطيبه للمرضى وخصوصا فى شهر رمضان واتمنى لكم جزيل الشكر والتقدم والازدهار فى عملكم هذا
- Boucher
Thank you so much for the wonderful service. All of the staffs and doctors were all nice and friendly. I would love to recommend your clinic with my friends. GOOD JOB & EXCELLENT SERVICES
- May
To Dr.Mona and the rest of her team, Thank you all for the wonderful and great service you provide every time I visit the clinic. Outstanding service :)
- Rubi
Thank you for a great experience. Will recommend your clinic to all my friends and family. To all the staffs and of course the best doctor I've ever met Dr.Huda Omer. From the bottom of my heart thank you. Keep up the good work!!! God Bless..
- Melanie
It was a great pleasure coming here and having done the treatment. It felt more homely than a clinic. Thank you Dr.Praveen & Dr.Alok and all the staff. Best wishes for future.
- Rocky
My first time in your clinic. I felt really comfortable, great welcome, quick service by reception staff. Will be coming back for next checkup. Thank you
- Milind Kasabe
This is second time I came here and it was very good. I always recommend to my other friends to come to this place. All the staffs are very friendly. Thank you for everything.
- Rupesh Kumar
Our 5 and half year daughter Abigail Rachel Abin got her beautiful smile because of Dr.Lavanya. Thanks a lot and thanks to the clinic also.
Such a nice experience to have my monthly check up here. Very friendly and accommodating staffs. Many thanks
Thank you so much for the excellent support and care. Especially from Dr.Archana & from supporting staff. Once again Thank you so much
- Ann Maria Pom
All staff are friendly and thanks to Dr.Mona. They have a good quality service and I will recommend to all my colleagues this clinic.
- Charisse